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Dear Christina, 

I had emailed you a while ago because I had some issues with attachments and thought forms. I believe I know what might have happened to me. I grew faster than I was suppose to, if that makes sense. You said I was 6th dimensional but my reality was 4th dimensional. If this makes sense. I want to thank you for your program my spirit guide has sent me to your book, The Pendulum, Powered by the Awakening Soul and from there your website. I am currently on level one on concepts that hold you back. If I did not have your program I don't know what I would have done. No one understood what I was going through and to be honest I don't know the whole story either. I do know that all my attachments are gone and I have piece of mind. I know there is still plenty of work to do. Without your help I would not have been able to live like a normal person. Thank You, Dawn 

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Thank you more than I can ever sayIt has been a long time since I received a Healing from ChristinA, and since the last time (several years ago) - her Energy and Power have expanded exponentially - she walks in Grace with the Masters. It was such a privilege to share that Energy space with you.  Fran
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Hi, Thank you for my healing.  Wow! It was powerful.  I could feel you and I was not able to move.  I was awake but unable to move.  Different to any other healing.
I'm so lucky to have you on my path, thank you and oh I loved the fact Anubis is there for me too, I've often felt the connection.

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Would you like to book a Distant Healing Session? Just drop by my website and you will learn a whole lot more about me and the way I work.  I would love to help you find clarity and balance and to help you lift up into the higher frequencies.

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So, even though it is 2.50am here and I am awake, I have no pain and I am peaceful.  My healing session is the reason for whatever was attacking me to clear so I can finish this.  Only symptoms left is hands and feet pins and needles sensation (still slowing me down and making me aware of healing process has still some work for me to do, but …