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QUASAR9 said…
Hi ChristinA,
What's with the sunbaked face
His frown etched with creases even deeper than mine.
Seems even if you live by the pyramids in the desert with clear star filled skies, one still has to worry about small things like sand storms, food for the camel herd, the pangs of childbirth, or how to deal with the pain from a toothache.

Hope you are having fun!
Hi Q
If you have a face as beautiful and interesting as this I want to post you on my blog!
This is Omar and he is a very precious Being whom I can't wait to see again when I return to Luxor in April. Much sadness and may stories from this man... I only wish he could speak english so I could understand them all. I guess I better brush up on Arabic!
QUASAR9 said…
So, do you visit Luxor regularly for work, study, family? or is it a holiday destination
Katie McKenna said…
An interesting face. I love his eyes.
I visit Luxor because it is where the energies of my work originate. The ascension retreat of Lord Serapis Bey is held in the etheric over Luxor in Egypt. I went twice last year to reconnect with the energies, and I come back with a new level of awareness. In April I am taking 11 LUXOR Light Beings with me - 9 Australian, one from UK and one from Teneriffe. We will be doing Healing Meditations, mostly focused toward Peace in the Middle East. This is where my life path is directed and I will be visiting Egypt in particular and other areas of the Middle East regularly to direct energies of Peace to these lands. Someone's gotta do it... and it always starts with one... but I'm not the only one that does this sort of work, just an extra. I love that area of the world. I'm also intending to facilitate LUXOR Light from here for the rest of the world. Australia is too far away for most ... and where better than it's place of origin!

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