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Most Magical Place on Earth!

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Meditating in the Meditation Room at the LUXOR Light Retreat Centre
How does one describe the most magical place on earth! Once you enter the gates of the LUXOR Light Retreat Centre you have allowed your Self time to be in the stillness and to enter the peace within. Time to travel and explore your inner world and discover terrains of emotions, thoughts and experiences you never knew were there. Time to heal, to reconnect, to bring forth creativity or whatever your intention is. I have just spent 3 weeks here, partly on my own and also to participate in the first retreat program. What can I say?
Participating in LUXOR Light Meditations facilitated by ChristinA allows one to experience and utitilise the LUXOR Light Ascension frequencies for your own healing and raising of your levels of consciousness. They are powerful, intense beautiful, loving and each one is different. It is hard to put into words. You just need to experience these energies for yourself! ChristinA runs various LUXOR Light programs and does personal one on one work too. She is an amazing spiritual teacher and healer!
I know my life is going to change from spending time here at the retreat centre immersed in these energies.
The centre caters for all your needs with excellent staff here, who were only too happy to assist. It is clean and well maintained. The rooms all beautiful, comfortable and well appointed! There are balconies to take in the views of the Theban Mountains. A meditation in itself! 

Vegetarian meals were beautiful and prepared with love by the wonderful chef. I looked forward to each meal and never left hungry!! The garden a special place to retreat to with lots of places to sit and be. There are labyrinths to walk which were amazing!!
All I can say is if you are looking for a spiritual retreat this place is it!

Kim Wrightson reviewed LUXOR Light Retreat Centre — 5 star


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