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Magical Temple

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Meditating on the Roof

My First ever Egypt Trip

This was my first visit to Egypt and I have to say that from the moment I set the intention to go, my world began to change. Synchronicity of events unfolded….setting this experience to be one of the major awakenings in my life.
ChristinA Ritchie is an enlightened teacher, mentor and beautiful soul. I am honoured and blessed to have shared my spiritual journey with her. ChristinA has created a magical temple at the LUXOR Light Retreat Centre. Divine energy radiates from the earth, the building, the air and ChristinA herself. I felt this as soon as I stepped through the gates to the magnificent Nubian House.
My days began in silence…woken joyfully with the morning chorus of birds welcoming a new day. Each morning I commenced with a walking meditation throughout the peaceful grounds. Around the water fountain healing my emotional body…..along the spiral of expansion to heal my mental bodies….following the path of the LUXOR Light symbol to heal and activate my spiritual body….I would often use the sound bowls through the house and complete my morning ritual with a roof top meditation and sounding…..with the majestic Theban Mountain in view. As the sun rose the sky was filled with the ascension of hot air balloons colouring the mountain escarpment. What a way to begin each day!!!
ChristinA’s house staff were an absolute delight. So very respectful to maintain silence and space when the moment called ….yet they were also always on hand with a smile and of complete service. Each meal was a tantalising treat for my taste buds….and completely vegetarian, healthy and totally delicious. The meals were served out in the tranquil ambience of the beautiful garden. This was pure bliss!!!
The evening meditations facilitated by ChristinA are truly amazing!!! Very powerful and transformational. The energy within these meditations is a gift I recommend everyone to come for. ChristinA also offers healing sessions which I also highly recommend.
Luxor, Egypt, is a magical place and it is true that you fall in love with the land…the mountain…the Nile…the desert…and the people. This is coming from someone who lives in her bikini on the beach in Oz! I felt like I was walking the path of the initiate. Every experience was life changing…the energies I felt within the temples, connections to people, places…profoundly transformational.
I absolutely recommend the LUXOR Light ascension programs online and at advertised times here at the centre. Once you have experienced the frequency and open to the self-healing you will understand.
ChristinA I am forever grateful and humbled for sharing this journey with you and for the lifelong friends I have made all over the world.
Infinite love and blessings


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