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Deep Respect

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Serapis Bey in the Initiation Room

Quick note to say how honoured and happy I am to be working with LUXOR light. It occurred and surprised me the other day that I have exceeded any expectations I had about my energy journey when I realised that not only did I 'hear the call' to a meditation by Serapis in a normal day, but then had a direct conversation with him and ascension training. I realised ..holy shit I'm in conversation and training with an ascended master. I'm still astounded by it. Also s note to say that it was Serapis who brought me to Christina and keeps coming to me, which has helped me see Christina Ritchie not as some guru to be worshipped (I've had one of those although he was actually very good) but as an amazingly gifted guide supporting your process. Deep respect! 
Love to all BB

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Hi, Thank you for my healing.  Wow! It was powerful.  I could feel you and I was not able to move.  I was awake but unable to move.  Different to any other healing.
I'm so lucky to have you on my path, thank you and oh I loved the fact Anubis is there for me too, I've often felt the connection.

Ali C.

Would you like to book a Distant Healing Session? Just drop by my website and you will learn a whole lot more about me and the way I work.  I would love to help you find clarity and balance and to help you lift up into the higher frequencies.

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