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Venus Flytrap

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Dinner on the Roof with LUXOR Light Ascension Group
Last Friday I had a very intense and at the same time amazing shamanic experience, an experience of those realms where only answers are ...... :) i had a lot of answers which brought me clarity in and about life but what was very surprising for myself, was the fact that Christina, ...... yes .... our beautiful teacher, Christina Ritchie, was also traveling with me ;) She appeared first as a Venus Flytrap !!!! a very big one and she came very softly closer to me, i did not see Christina, i only saw the plant, though in my feeling i knew that was Christina .... First i was maybe for a second scared but then i went closer to the plant and it ate me, inside in the plant i saw Christina standing there in person and i felt a warm strong healing energy, it was her energy exactly like we had experienced during our 2 weeks of Ascension program but this time much more intensive, may be because this time i had her only for me, alone ;) ....... :)

This was the same energy that we, as group, have felt in Luxor in presence of Christina and her guides, her guides are strong masters and gods, however her devotion to her work and service to others, is the major effective element in her work, for my feeling .......

LUXOR Light energy has given me the experience of feeling like a goddess on earth, and prepared me for the most amazing experience of my life, the experience of the sacred union inside, the experience of feeling finally...HOME ... in my own body ...... in my own being.... ;)

"A multidimensional healing system to activate higher levels of consciousness for alignment to SOUL PURPOSE", this is how Christina describes this whole experience and I was again one of those lucky ones to be able to align to my soul purpose, and this time the signs were so clear that denial would not be very easy from now .... I got also many directions, very clear ones toward my future steps and was being and living my higher self for 2 weeks :)

What still was a question for me until today, why she appeared first as a Venus Flytrap, a carnivorous plant ? I had that answer too, after 2 days, in my garden. This is exactly what she is doing with her work and energy. LUXOR Light energy eats the ego by a very strong and effective healing in all dimensions, a complete healing at each level of existence and giving back a carte blanche (a clear spirit, a light heart), fully prepared to step into the next ......

Thank You's to All

Thank you Christina for your presence, your being and your devotion, Thank you Ashraf for your beautiful heart and wise mind, Thank you group for being an amazing part of an amazing event in my life. I have felt very strong love for each one of you beautiful gods and goddesses, Thank you my Egyptian friends, Mohamed(Captain) for being such a loving brother to me, Hassan for making those heavenly hours possible, Hemdi for your kindness, Semir for the royal buffets ;), Taia, Ahmed, the very generous friend of mine who provided for Damien a dvd player during our stay, he wanted to give me 2 chickens if I married him :) Thank you Abdul for the magnificent service, Thank you every single person I met in Luxor, for love was the strongest I felt from them :)

Thank you my beautiful angel, half descended little god, Damien, Mijn lekker beest :) for being so kind and nice to mummy, for being such a fantastic traveler and having so much fun, thank you for the healing you underwent together with us during the program, thank you for being such an angel and giving me such a great pleasure on earth ......:)

Thank you my dear son, my great friend, my wise companion, Daniel, for being so good to your mom just by being the great being you are ..... thank you for giving me the opportunity to travel without you and still sleep on my 2 ears :) ...... thank you for being so perfect just like you are :)

Guardian Angel

Didn't tell further about being in that plant with Christina !!!! .....the moment I was feeling that loving, healing energy, looking at the beautiful face of Christina, there was one word in my mind, "guardian" ....... what I personally feel for myself, she became like a guardian angel for me ..... but I can also think of another possibility of she being the guardian of the LUXOR Light, The Ancient Egyptian Gods energy on earth ? !!! :) ..... your choice ;)

Last but definitely not least I wish to thank all the great teachers, masters and gods and goddesses in spirit form who honored me with their presence and guidance ....... :)

WEgypte, We'll be back soon :)
Haleh, Dec. 3 2009

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